Early Career

early careerGuy harboured an innate sense for business and strategy since childhood, starting his first business venture at age 11, when he acquired his own newspaper route for $200.00. Seeing that the route only had 50 deliveries, the young mogul-in-the-making went door to door along his route with a sales pitch and a vision.

Within the first month he tripled subscribers to 150 deliveries, earned back his initial investment, and thanks to a surge of tips for excellent service, quadrupled his revenue. It is no surprise he grew to be the business maven he is today. It is from his father and uncles that Guy inherited his entrepreneurial tendency, and his exemplary work ethic.

Their example encouraged him to always push to do better and to prove himself. As a teenager he developed a “rule of 3” ensuring that he always had three income sources at any time, a philosophy he still adheres to. In addition to his paper route he would hold jobs at the local supermarket and several restaurants, and in addition had a lawn mowing service throughout high school.

At 15, Guy set a target on Donald Trump, determined to one day be as successful as the real estate tycoon. Realising that the hours he was putting into work were not sustainable Guy set to a plan to eventually get out of the rat race and establish passive income, taking a page out of Trump’s book and looking to real estate. He devised a plan to generate income via multi-family homes, saving all of his money for five years to eventually buy his first income property. Since then he has consistently been involved in real estate.