From The Ground Up – Building SureTrader

I thought of the idea for SureTrader in 2008 and from then until 2011, I vetted potential countries to domicile the company in – diligently researching the regulations, laws, and requirements of each territory. Ultimately, I decided that Bahamas was the place  – close and business friendly with a well regulated but flexible financial industry. A trader’s paradise…. in paradise.

I moved there for a year to lay the groundwork and set up the operation. Initially it was just myself and one other person. However, I wanted to create a business that could generate jobs for young ambitious Bahamians. I hired the first few staff and grew the company to 7 people. The office grew from our 600 square foot space to a 4,000 square foot state of the art facility in little over a year.

Equipped with all of the technology and tools our employees and traders need, the office has a Manhattan feel to it.  The 30 staff members employed at SureTrader today truly love the environment that they work in; they are happy to come to work every day and I love that. It is something that translates into their performance and into customer care.

Today, SureTrader is one of the largest and highest profile platforms for day trading, with thousands of traders relying on it every day. Much of that success is about a keen client focus. We are a company that cares about our clients… We want to see you succeed as a trader. I stress to my staff that client success is our success. If our clients are successful they will tell their friends and ultimately that’s how we have grown every year since inception.

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