Practice Makes Perfect – On Becoming a Day Trader

I discovered that it was a real possibility for someone to make a career out of trading, after having bought and sold stocks in my former employer Coca Cola at a significant profit. And even though I had minimal experience I clearly had an aptitude for the art of the trade. So, I took a short break, saved up some capital and did my research – stacking up books on trading and investment.

Ambitious as ever, I channeled my drive and penchant for strategic thinking and re-entered the market with $15,000 as I had in the past. Armed with drive and my new foundation of knowledge I tripled my capital to $45,000 in just a few short weeks.

It continued to evolve from there. I dove into the craft, discovering new trading strategies and studied the patterns of the market – how to identify them when they are just starting to form, how to best exploit them, and when to exit.

I learned to trade by trying over and over again. Initially, my best lessons were when I lost money, but  I never made the same mistake twice. I started with small trades, I didn’t want to risk my life savings on an unknown. Even today when I trade I don’t necessarily focus on large investments. You don’t need to have a lot of money to make a lot of money. If you pick the right trades, the right timing, and the right exits you can make quite a bit day trading. That is a large part of the concept behind my company SureTrader, which provides a platform for day traders looking to trade with less capital.

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