SpeedTrader and SureTrader – Revolutions in Trade

I was in my early 20s when I started my first broker dealership, making me among the youngest persons to ever own a licensed broker dealership.  I launched SpeedTrader, a day trading brokerage which provided direct access trading software and online trading platforms to investors and active day traders who needed more than just a typical online broker – one of the first businesses of its kind. The platform catapulted and today, the firm remains a leading online day trading platform, ranked among the best online brokerages by Barron’s four years in a row.

The success of SpeedTrader eventually translated into another venture – SureTrader. My experience with SpeedTrader, gave me the foundation I needed to launch SureTrader,  today one of the largest and highest profile platforms for day trading, with thousands of traders relying on it every day.

I launched SureTrader because there needed to be a revolution in trading. U.S. firms and the regulatory regime the operate under put too many limitations on traders. They limit buying power, require a lot of capital, and don’t make it easy to access your capital. I wanted to make it easy. I wanted to create a platform where a first time trader can come with as little as $500, get 6:1 leverage and have a massive shortlist – so I launched the business in the Bahamas. A trading paradise… in paradise.

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