I started SureTrader, a division of Swiss America Securities, because there needed to be a revolution for trading. US firms and regulators often put too many restrictions on their clients.  They limit traders’ buying power, require a lot of capital in order to trade, and they don’t make it easy to fund your account or withdraw funds.  It can be very difficult to be successful, especially for newer traders that want to start small. Everything about traditional trading method and platforms seemed very cumbersome and I wanted to create an environment where I made everything easy for a beginner.

My vision was to create a platform where novice traders could come in, start with as little as $500 get 6 to 1 leverage, and have a massive shortlist – SureTrader has 10,000 symbols available for shorting where most US firms only have 4,000. So I built this forum for the traders, SureTrader.

I thought of the idea for Suretrader in 2008 and from 2008 to 2011, when it launched, I diligently researched all of the laws and requirements of the shortlist of countries I was considering to launch this operation in.  In 2011 I decided Bahamas was the best choice.

So I went. I moved to Nassau, Bahamas for a year and set up Suretrader. At the time it was just me and one other person. However, one of my goals was to create a business that could generate a lot of jobs for young ambitious people within the country; at the end of the day I hoped I could help not just beginning traders but also Bahamians looking to enter the field. I hired the first few staff and grew the company to 7 people.

Less than a year after we started we built a 4,000 square foot state of the art facility. You feel like you are in Manhattan when you are in our office.  It has a real trader vibe to it and the 30 staff members that we now employ really like the space. They are happy to come to work every day and I love that.

We are constantly seeking to innovate to create better options and services for our clients. We entered the mobile trading app environment early launching iSuretrader in 2011 shortly after opening the company. iSuretrader is a cobranded mobile app created and operated by our partner DasTrader Inc. a direct access software company offering the brokerage and trading community end-to-end electronic trading solutions.

Our clients are often young – our average traders age is about 25. They are on the go, not sitting at their computers doing trades all day. Tech savvy and out an about, they want to be able take their trading with them. iSuretrader, and its android counterpart Mobile Suretrader offer our clients the ability to trade wherever they are.  The app makes it easier for traders to log-in and trade or track their portfolio when they aren’t near a desktop. They can place trades, monitor all of their activity, and do anything you are able to do from your desktop.

Today, SureTrader is one of the largest and highest profile platforms for day trading, with thousands of traders relying on it every day. We are a company that cares about our clients… We want to see you succeed as a trader. I stress to my staff that client success is our success. If our clients are successful they will tell their friends about their success and ultimately that’s how we have grown every year since inception.

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