Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami
Welcome to Miami

If Paris is the city of love, Los Angeles the city of angels, Las Vegas the city of sin and New York the city that never sleeps, then where does that leave Miami? Locals prefer “Magic City” but If you go by the popular cocktail, Miami is the city of vice – and with the 4th highest number of strip clubs per capita in the country and more clubs and bars than you could visit in a lifetime perhaps it has earned that name. It is a place that’s great for a good time.

I have been living in Miami since February 2016. I moved because it was a central spot for me to reach my business in Bahamas, home in New York and my much-loved destination spot Puerto Rico… My three favourite places. It is a gateway to America and is an easy flight to L.A., Las Vegas, or any major U.S. City. For a businessman with wanderlust it is a great location to keep a home base.

There is always something to do and somewhere to go in Miami. It is a playboy’s dream – if you are into that kind of thing. Beautiful big beaches, flashy cars, stylish clubs, and of course lots of beautiful women. Every night there is a place to go. My personal favourite? Tuesday night at Bagatelli. This restaurant and bar feels like crashing a huge wedding… it’s a giant party, pure fun. It’s my favourite place to take out-of-towners because I doubt you will experience anything like that anywhere else.

But if it’s a casual good time and delicious eats I am after I head to my favourite restaurant Segefreddo’s. They have a delicious thin crust pizza, make a mean Moscow mule – my favourite drink , and you can lay back and smoke hookah. A short walk away from my apartment this is where you will find me and my friends.

There's nothing better than a Segefreddo Moscow Mule
There’s nothing better than a Segefreddo Moscow Mule

That is the magic of living in the neighbourhood that I do – Brickell. A vibrant neighbourhood buzzing with stylish young professionals, towering financial centers, trendy restaurants and luxury condo complexes. It is like a little piece of Manhattan, but with Miami’s laid back attitude and gorgeous year-round sunshine. Perhaps that is why I like it.

If you are willing to brave the traffic and congestion, Miami has some of the greatest art, music and culture festivals. Miami-Broward Carnival, Jazz in the Gardens, or Carnaval Miami – USA’s largest Hispanic festival; there is a festival for every type here. I went to Art Basel last year and had a blast.

Miami Art Scene.... Crazy Good
Miami Art Scene…. Crazy Good

However, despite the frequent parties and vibrant social scene, it can be a solitary city. People are often not genuine – what do you drive, what do you have, and what can you do for me seem to matter more here. I have made more friends in one Puerto Rico weekend trip than I have in 8 months in Miami. That is not to say I haven’t found wonderful, loyal friends in Miami. I have. Though, they are mostly transplants from New Jersey or New York like me. Fellow jet-setters whom I have mostly met via JetSmarter, a platform to find and share chartered jet flights.

JetSmarter - the country club of the sky
JetSmarter – the country club of the sky

So for me, Miami is the hot girl you take out on a few dates – not the woman you take home to mom. I have really enjoyed my time in Miami. There are few places in the world that offer a wilder more fun time. But whether I stay here is yet to be seen. I for one doubt it.

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